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We’re not just talking cold – we’re talking the world’s only ice baths that hit a bone-chilling 0°c, generating thick 20-30mm sheets of ice. Dive into the ultimate cold therapy experience at SalusIce

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Salus Ice Ice Baths

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Salus Ice Ice Baths

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“At SalusIce, we embrace the power of personal choice in your wellness journey. Whether you're curious to dip your toes in or ready to immerse yourself fully, the pace is entirely up to you. There's no right or wrong, no judgment—just you and the the ice. Join us to experience the transformative power of ice therapy at your own pace.”

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  • Mindset builder

    Facing your fears is a true test of grit, and there’s a unique triumph in pushing through even when you’re scared. That exhilarating rush you feel? It’s not just the cold—the immense sense of power and self-confidence that comes from stepping out of your comfort zone. At SalusIce, taking a dip in our ice baths, especially when you least feel like it, isn’t just about enduring the cold and enhancing your resilience.

  • Combats inflammation

    Inflammatory diseases rank as the leading cause of mortality in today’s world, with risks escalating as we age. Cold exposure, such as ice baths, offers a promising method to combat these threats. Cold water immersion can suppress the acceleration of disease-related inflammation and the associated pain signals. This practice reduces blood flow to areas of inflammation, potentially diminishing swelling and further inflammation.

  • Natural Feel Good

    Cold exposure is not just a test of endurance; it’s a gateway to enhanced mental and physical well-being. Immersing yourself in cold water activates specific areas of the brain that trigger feelings of pleasure, satisfaction, and motivation. This invigorating experience consistently increases norepinephrine, a hormone crucial for arousal, attention, cognitive function, and managing stress reactions.

  • Natural anti-depressant

    Cold exposure from activities like ice baths is thought to elevate dopamine and norepinephrine levels, which are neurotransmitters crucial for mood regulation, reward processing, and motivation. This increase may contribute to the mood-enhancing effects reported by many after cold immersion. Additionally, the strong electrical impulses sent from skin nerve endings to the brain during this exposure are believed to have an antidepressant effect, further boosting mental well-being.

  • Cardiovascular conditioning

    Ice baths could offer a significant cardiovascular workout by challenging the vascular system. With modern lifestyles typically limiting exposure to extreme temperatures, our blood vessels may lose some capacity to constrict and dilate efficiently. However, immersing in an ice bath forces these vessels to constrict to preserve core body heat and then dilate upon exiting to rewarm the body. This rapid, intense fluctuation in temperature acts like a workout for your blood vessels, potentially enhancing their function and health.

  • Endurance and energy

    Cold therapy is a powerful tool for boosting your body’s energy efficiency at the cellular level. Promoting mitochondrial biogenesis in muscle and fat tissues enhances the production of mitochondria, the powerhouse of cells. This process not only optimises the use of oxygen as fuel but also significantly improves cardiovascular fitness and muscle endurance. Whether you’re an athlete looking to enhance performance or simply seeking to increase your overall energy and stamina, cold therapy offers a compelling solution to help you achieve your goals.

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